Talk-Of-Di-Town-II is a taste of something different for your catering. We specialize in the delicious cuisine of the Caribbean and can offer you something far more exotic and delicious than the normal fare offered by catering services.

Not only do we have a wide array of fabulously prepared and spiced jerk chicken, rice and peas and fried plantain, we can provide all of your catering services regardless of the size of your party. When you add Caribbean cuisine to your menu, you can show your flair and give your guests something to remember. Whether you are introducing these flavors to people for the first time or providing a taste of home to your guests, we guarantee the finest flavor and quality!

We have a staff of professionals that can work with you to get just the right menu for your event. Our mobile catering services make sure you get what you want where you want it. We can give Maryland parties a taste of the exotic and our perfectly prepared dishes will turn any event into a special occasion.

If you need a private catering service that offers something out of the ordinary, Talk-Of-Di-Town-II is it. Our menu is perfect for big parties or small gatherings and we can tailor the food and our staff to suit the occasion whether it is big or small.

We import our spices and delicate flavors right from the Caribbean so you don’t just get an authentic taste – you get authentic dishes and an authentic Caribbean experience. Our jerk chicken is legendary and is a taste you won’t forget!

With our mobile catering service, we can come to you and help you create a memorable occasion for you and for any of your guests. You can choose from many of our specialty dishes and our service is second to none. If you want to simple sit back and enjoy good food and good service, Talk-Of-Di-Town-II is your go-to catering service.

Our quality hospitality is only matched by our quality dishes. When you hire us for your next event, you can forget your problems and simply let us give you a wonderful meal with wonderful service. Caribbean fun and Caribbean food can’t be beat, so give us a call, send us an email or look over our website to learn more about our services and prices. We want to give you a perfect meal and memory of a special event.